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“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”
– John Locke



Books – Pregnancy and Birth
These are a few amazing books that you may benefit from reading. Click the title to read the description and purchase.





Books – Baby Care
These are great resources for for parenting your baby. Click the title to read the description and purchase.



These resources will help you learn about breastfeeding or guide you if you are having problems. For the books listed, click the title to read the description and purchase.

Books – Breastfeeding



Local Support
GHS Lactation Support
Le Leche League of Greater Greenville
St. Francis Lactation Support
Upstate BirthNetwork

Online Resources
Kelly Mom
  – This website contains accurate information for breastfeeding mothers.  If you have a question, this website most likely has the answer.

     Continuum Chiroproactic – 27 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC
Dreckman Family Chiropractic – 717 NE Main Street, Simpsonville, SC

Essential Oils
I love Young Living Essential Oils and would be happy to help you discover how they can help you achieve health and wellness.

Help Support Our Bereavement Work
If you would like to help support our work with bereaved families, please visit our Love Grant page to learn more.  Every penny that is donated is invested in our bereavement program that provides help and resources for bereaved families.  If you are ready to give, you can go directly to Love Grant Gifts to bless a family in need of support and love.

Books – Bereavement
These books are all a great resources for those who are grieving or for those who are supporting the bereaved. Click the title to read the description and purchase.





*** A note about the books listed: I have read many of these book, but some have been recommended to me.  A listing does not imply an endorsement of every view within a book.