Reference Library

Books on desk in libraryI love books!  Books are the key to unlock immeasurable knowledge.  As my client, I want to share my treasure of books with you.  I am always adding new members to my family… um, collection, so if you don’t see a book you are interested in, just ask.  As my reference library grows, I will update this page.

Pregnancy and Birth
Christ Centered Childbirth (Townsend, Kelly)
Emergency Childbirth A Manuel
Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering (Buckley, Sarah)
Gentle Birth Choices (Harper, Barbara)
Heart & Hands (Davis, Elisabeth)
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (Gaskin, Ina May)
Infant Massage (McClure, Vimala)
Mother Massage (Stillerman, Elaine)
Pregnancy After a Loss (Lanham, Carol)
Special Delivery (Baldwin, Rahima)
Supernatural Childbirth (Mize, Jackie)
The Birth Book (Sears, William and Martha)
The Birth Partner (Simkins, Penny)
The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth (Kitzinger, Sheila)
The Doula Advantage (Gurevich, Rachel)
The Joy of Natural Childbirth (Wessel, Helen)
The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy (Parker, Shonda)
The Nurturing Touch at Birth (Perez, Paulina)
The Pregnancy Book (Sears, William and Martha)
The Thinking Woman’s Guide To A Better Birth (Goer, Henci)
The VBAC Companion (Korte)
Your Pregnancy & Birth

Breastfeeding & Childcare Books
Bon Appetit, Baby (Moran, Elaine)
Christian Parenting & Child Care (Sears, William and Martha)
Parenting the Fussy Baby and High Need Child (Sears, William and Martha)
The Breastfeeding Book (Sears, William and Martha)
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (La Leche League)
Touchpoints: Birth to Three (Brazelton, Berry)

Bereavement Books
Answers In A Time Of Miscarriage (Kerr, Bethany)
Building A Family Breaks My Heart (Dillard, Tanika)
Grieve Like A Man (Fann, Jonathan)
Grieving the Child I Never Knew (Wunnenberg, Kathe)
Helping Children Grieve When Someone They Love Dies (Huntley, Theresa)
I’ll Hold You In Heaven (Hayford, Jack)
In A Heartbeat (Waltman, Dawn Siegrist)
The Art of Being a Healing Presence (Miller, James)
Unspeakable Losses (
Tender Fingerprints (Stetson, Brad)
The Art of Being a Healing Presence (Miller, James)
Unspeakable Losses (Kluger-Bell, Kim)
When Hello Means Goodbye (Grief Watch)
When You’re Ready  (Healy, Rob) (Children’s Book)