Love Grant

Love Grant Donation Donations Giving Loss Grief Bereavement Support Help Stillbirth Carebox Miscarriage Resources Help Support Loss Greenville Spartanburg Laurens Greer SC South CarolinaWhat is a Love Grant?  It is a monetary gift, given in love, to help support our ministry to grieving families.  Every penny that is gifted goes into this work.

Your Love Grant will help supply a Loss Carebox to a family.  These typically cost around $50 each.  We fill a reusable plastic box (with a carry handle) with items that will bless a family that is faced with an unexpected loss.  It includes an outfit, blanket, Bible, journal and pen, stuffed animal, photo album, picture frame, document holder,  kleenex, letter, and sympathy card for the family. Other useful items may be included as well.

Your Love Grant will also help purchase needed consumable items for our Bereavement Doula services such a foot/hand molds, albums, etc.
Share your love with hurting families by giving a Love Grant Gift.

The Love Grant program was created in memory of our son, Grant Riley, who was stillborn in March 2002 at 37 weeks gestation.  Since his first birthday, our family has chosen to take a Carebox to the hospital each year in his memory.  Your Love Grant will allow additional boxes to be shared with loss families.  If you choose to give a $50 gift, we would be happy to share  that it is given “in memory” or “in honor” of your loved one.