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As your due date approaches, you may begin to feel anxious about unwrapping your precious gift.  However, I hope to help you replace that spirit of fear with a peace that comes from the Lord.

God created our bodies in such an amazing way.  He created women to be able to conceive, grow, birth, and nurture a precious new life. Most births, when allowed to progress naturally, need little to no intervention.  Our bodies just work.

Knowledge of how our wonderfully created bodies work will help to dispell fear.  When you know what to expect, you can feel a level of control that gives peace.  Peace will allow you to birth easier and faster.

Approach to Care
My care for pregnant women is centered around the Word of God.  As a Christian, I believe we are to seek the Lord in all things.  He is our source of strength and comfort.  Labor and birth can be a sweet time of fellowship with the Savior and can draw you even closer to Him in your walk.  I desire for your marriage and faith to be strengthened during this precious time and I will support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually

As a birth doula, I will serve you and your spouse during labor and birth.  As a Childbirth Education Instructor, I will teach you what to expect, how you can overcome your anxiety, and comfort techniques that you can use during labor.  I have experience with special circumstances such as a cesarean birth, vaginal birth after cesarean (vbac), or a rainbow baby, and will be happy help you navigate through your options with these births.

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I serve families in the Upstate area of South Carolina.