Supporting the Bereaved

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Loss is a topic that is taboo in our society.  We believe if we don’t talk about it, or think about it, it cannot happen to us.  This has brought us into a culture where those who experience a loss feel very alone.

Sadly, loss is not uncommon.  1 out of every 4 pregnancies end in loss.  Chances are, some of the women you come in contact with daily have experienced the loss of a baby.

Friends and Family of Bereaved Parents
If you are a family member or friend of someone who has experienced the loss of a child, it is hard to know what to do or say.  It is often easier to simply avoid the bereaved parents.  Let me encourage you, that ignoring the parents will not make their pain go away, and it will hurt them more.  Parents who have lost a child do not need to also lose relationships with those they care about.

Below is a list of helpful things to say and a list of things to avoid saying.

What to Say
I am sorry.
What did you name your baby?
I would love to hear more about your baby.
Your baby was important.
Your baby had value.
I am here to listen.
What are you feeling?
Can I bring you a meal?
I am here for you.

Things to Avoid Saying
Are you still grieving?
You should be over this by now.
People lose babies everyday, it isn’t a big deal.
Your baby is in a better place.
You are better off.
You can always have another baby.
I know how you feel, I had a pet that died

Help Support Our Work
If you would like to help support our work with bereaved families, please contribute to our Love Grant.  Every penny that is donated is invested in our bereavement program that provides help and resources for bereaved families.