12 Week Mentorship Program

Bereavement Grief Support Help Mentor Mentorship Stillbirth Miscarriage Postnatal Loss Death Doula Greenville Spartanburg Laurens SC South CarolinaIf you have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss (recently or any time in the past) and would like to be paired with another parent who can help you identify tangible barriers in your process of healing, identify support systems and techniques for you to lean on, and help you identify how you can seek God for healing, this program is right for you.

Beginning Your Mentorship
When your mentorship beings, your mentor will respond by email to begin the mentoring relationship.  You will be able to exchange emails once a week for a period of three months; during this time, the mentor will work on activities and dialogue and help remind you that you are not alone.

Communication is to be by email, once weekly.

After the three month time, the mentorship relationship will end, and you should have some great tools to help you begin this journey from grief to healing.

Sign-up for the Mentorship Program
Send a email to mentorship@CradledInLoveBirthServices.com.  Please include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. What kind of support you are looking for:
  • Miscarriage
  • Elective Abortion Vulnerable
  • Stillbirth
  • Difficult/Fatal Diagnosis
  • Neonatal Death
  • Grief in General
  • Specific Perspective (Christian, single parenting, teen, etc.)

Grief can bring with it a whole host of unexpected reactions, which can potentially serve to abuse the mentorship relationship and/or the mentor.  For this reason, boundaries are important for this program to be successful.  Basic expectations of this program include:

  • respect for the once a week contact, and not to over-use this resource or the mentor.
  • respect for privacy and space, and not to demand any more information from the mentor/mentee than he or she is willing to share.
  • respect for time, and not to contact in a way that is disruptive to the other person’s life/lifestyle.
  • respect for the duration of the mentorship program, and not to demand, beg, insist or pressure for additional time.
  • respect for the mentor/mentee, and limit use of explitives or anything else that could be deemed inappropriate whenever possible.
  • respect for the emotional limitations of the mentor, and understanding that he or she is not a licensed therapist and that more intensive support may be needed for your grief process.  The mentor is not liable to perform or behave as a psychological professional, and he or she may suggest that you seek additional support if they believe it could prove useful.
  • respect for differences between the mentor and mentee.  Your mentor/mentee may have different beliefs than you, including but not limited to religion, faith, family, death, life after death, reasons for death.  It is not a program requirement that you both align in every way, but both the mentor and the mentee reserve the right to terminate the relationship if these values/beliefs differences serve to be unproductive.
  • respect for your self, and understanding that any threats to harm yourself or others is reason for the mentor to terminate the relationship, referring you to crisis hotlines and your local mental professionals for support.

Help Support Our Work
If you would like to help support our work with bereaved families, please contribute to our Love Grant.  Every penny that is given is invested in our bereavement program that provides help and resources for bereaved families.  We suggest that those who go through the 12 Week Mentorship make a $12 Love Grant.

*Most (but not all) of the Information from this page is taken from Stillbirthday.com