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“So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri

We grieve deeply because we love deeply. A love as deep as the love a parent has for their child creates a grief that will linger until our own final day.

Your child was important and his/her life had immense value.  While time will help you learn to live with the grief and decrease the intensity that you continually feel, the grief will never truly go away.  It is normal to grieve, and there is not a timetable for grief.

If you are in need of a friend to talk to, who has been down this path of grief, please contact me.


I offer bereavement services as a ministry to those who have, or will be, experiencing a loss.  As a loss mom, I understand the heartbreak that accompanies the loss of a baby and the loss of the dreams that you had for that child.
I provide care for those experiencing:
* a spontaneous miscarriage
* miscarriage resulting in a D&C
* stillbirth
* Poor/fatal prenatal diagnosis; carrying to term or natural passing of baby

Approach to Care
As a Christian, I believe that our only source of comfort and peace is through the Lord Jesus Christ.  I will pray for you and encourage you through the Holy Word.  I believe that faith is often strengthened through our trials as we depend on God.  I understand that we have a human nature, and the loss of a child can cause many to question God or become angry.  There are many emotions that accompany grief, and I hope to encourage you during your hardest times and darkest moments.

My Story
In 2002, at 37 weeks pregnant (and a textbook perfect pregnancy), our son Grant passed away in the womb.  We went to the hospital for reassurance that everything was okay, but our lives were put into a tailspin when we heard the words that would forever change our lives: “there’s no heartbeat.”

We didn’t know what to do and we didn’t know any other couple who had had an unexpected loss like ours.  We were very blessed with caregivers in the hospital that were kind and gentle with us.  We were blessed with caring and supportive friends… but we soon learned that the words and actions of others could also add to the hurt we felt on losing our son.

We experienced our second loss in April 2011 when I had a first trimester miscarriage.  It was devastating to us, as our whole family was excited about our newest blessing.  My other children mourned the loss of their sibling as we mourned the loss of another precious child.

Over the last 13 years, it has been a blessing and a privilege to walk beside other families as they threaded the uncertain path of grief.  When I learned about the birth and bereavement training offered through Stillbirthday, I knew that, this could be an incredible way to support families who were enduring loss.

My work as a bereavement doula is a labor that has been birthed from love and loss.  I have learned that you can never get over losing a child, but in time you can learn keep your emotions in check (most of the time).  I know the Lord set me on this path, ahead of many others, so that I could walk this path with them, point them to the love and comfort of our Savior, and to offer them love and comfort when they are in their darkest valley.

For information about how you can have a role in ministering to bereaved families, please go to our Love Grant page.